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BÄHM- da ist die Johanna mal eben auf nem Kurzbesuch in der Fränkischen und holt sich die 2te Frauenbegehung des Mega- Klassikers "Wallstreet" 11- von Wolfgang Güllich ab. Die Route verläuft ungefähr durch die Mitte des Krottenseer Turms und galt zur Zeit ihrer Erstbegehung (1987) durch Wolfgang Güllich als erste 11- weltweit.

Das gnadenlose Durchreißen und Aufstellen von Winzgriffen in dieser Tour verursacht bei manchen schon Ringbandrisse nur vom Hinsehen! KRASS!

SUPER COOL Johanna, wir sind stolz auf Dich und Wolfgang wär es sicherlich auch, vor allem auf Deine Leggins!…

"Do the monkeestyle!"

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Johanna Ernst:



Du willst die Welt retten und unsere Zahlen checken?

Wir suchen einen vertikalsportaffinen Zahlmeister, der weiter als bis FB8c+ rechnen kann und Lust hat die Affenbande durch den Dschungel der Unternehmensprozesse zu leiten.

Bitte richte Deine Bewerbung an

Off to Frankenjura


After my trip to Magic Wood I swapped my pad for a rope again and went to the Frankenjura. It has been quite a while since my last visit to the old area. This time Nina came along, her first visit to the Frankenjura. We got the idea of going there from a friend, Bram aka “Junior” aka “Belgians strongest fingers”, who’s lately my partner in crime when it comes to hanging around in hard routes.

He had this project in the Frankenjura called “New Orleans Heavy Weight Division” on the Endorama crag, where most (or all?) routes are bolted by Monkee-teammate Heiko. I decided to just tag along. The first day it rained all day, but in the evening we still decided to check it out. The last four meters were soaked, leaving the rock covered in a slippery black film (water and lichen are just a winning combination). Still, the crux was at the bottom of the route, so we tried some moves anyway.

Bram went first, showing me all the methods. Then I had my go, warming up from bolt to bolt,


Busy Micha


Last month I went to Magic Wood, the famous boulder venue in Switzerland. Although it was a spontaneous decision to go there and meet up with some friends from Sheffield, it was good to grit my teeth and gain a bit of power by bouldering.

At the beginning of Mai I’ve bolted a new line in Belgium. A fusion-route, being a sportclimbing route that only exists out of a series of boulder problems and no rests. Crazy heel- and toe-hooks, dead point slapping, moves on tension and contra-tension, iron-cross moves, cut-looses, it has it all! Unfortunately it turned out to be ridiculously hard, so hard that I couldn’t even try the hardest sections.

The very next day I was driving to Magic Wood.

It was nice to do some outdoor bouldering again and to try loads of different moves. I even climbed four 8a’s quite quickly. As always, I left with a bunch of projects for next time, but at least now I got stronger to try my own project!